An Introduction from Dr. Quentin Wheeler

Welcome to the SUNY-ESF New American Environmentalism Initiative, launching a national dialogue to renew and strengthen our country’s commitments to the Earth and to each other. We can do this by asking hard questions, by confronting difficult realities, by making sure the right lessons are constantly being assimilated, and by creating a dynamic and constructive forum that invites radically new, creative, possibilities to emerge as we move forward.

“New American Environmentalism” is not a well-defined concept that already exists, and far less a new ideology (-ism) that we are trying to promote. Rather we see it as a process and an important opportunity for dialogue in which we seek to challenge the status quo, bridge political gaps, include diverse voices, and raise questions to begin a discussion of the transformative potential for a New American Environmentalism to help us figure out how to live more sustainably on Earth.  A growing literature in the popular press and academic journals raises the notion of a “new environmentalism” that informs our consideration as well.  Summaries and comments about this literature will be posted to the blog regularly.

Please join us in this dialogue about the big questions as we re-examine deep-seated assumptions, concepts, and strategies in order to chart a path forward.  Follow us on the blog and on Twitter at @ESFNewEnv, comment on posts and send us short pieces that you would like to post.