Symposium Keynote Speaker: Thomas Lovejoy

Lovejoy Bio PhotoThe man who coined the term ‘biological diversity’ and founded the TV show Nature, Thomas E. Lovejoy is an innovative and accomplished conservation biologist. Spanning the political spectrum, Dr. Lovejoy has served on science and environmental councils under the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations.  At the core of these many influential positions are Lovejoy’s seminal ideas, which have formed and strengthened the field of conservation biology.

Dr. Lovejoy currently serves as Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation.  Previously, he stood as the World Bank’s Chief Biodiversity Advisor and Lead Specialist for Environment for Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Senior Advisor to the President of the United Nations Foundation. Lovejoy holds B.S. and Ph.D (biology) degrees from Yale University.

We look forward to Dr. Lovejoy challenging the status quo and raising questions to begin our discussion of the transformative potential for a New American Environmentalism. His keynote address will start at 1 pm and be followed by three professionally moderated panels in which ESF faculty and noted thought leaders will engage with the big questions and re-examine deep-seated assumptions, concepts, and strategies in order to chart a path forward.  Join us on campus at the SUNY-ESF Gateway Center, or online at @ESFNewEnv at 1 pm on September 11!

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